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Donna Lucrezia

Siciliana, naturalmente

Donna Lucrezia Agricultural Company is the combination of respect for the ancient values with a natural flavor and modern technology, with the aim of guaranteeing the freshness of the products, the safety of the processes and the diffusion of the local agricultural heritage.

The Manor in Scordia (CT) produces Sicilian citrus and peaches, which it distributes on the national and international territory through the large distribution and dedicated e-commerce.

Marmellate Donna Lucrezia

Seasonal Marmalades


Donna Lucrezia jams are born from the need to search for the authenticity and the homemade taste of the grandmothers who prepared the jams at home. The same attention to the craftsmanship reserved for agricultural products is reflected, therefore, in jams at Km 0: produced a few meters from the Manor and processed entirely by hand, from peeling to canning, without Pectin and Gluten Free. The standard productions differ in tastes: Sicilian Lemons, Navel Oranges and Sicilian Mandarins.

Design your Taste

The company also offers the unprecedented opportunity to customize and create your own jam. Based on the wide range of fruits and seasonal combinations available on the company website, you can create your own taste of jam from anywhere in the world and receive it comfortably at home.

Seasonal Products

Sicilian Citrus

The sun of Sicily enclosed in citrus with a natural flavor and full of citrus hints, mixed with vague accents of spices and grass. Oranges, Lemons, Tangerines, Clementines: these are some of the varieties produced and handcrafted in the Manor of Scordia (CT), thus ensuring maximum freshness, cleanliness and hygiene for the final consumer.


The particular position of the Manor also guarantees the optimal growth of: Red Peaches, White Peaches, Nectarine Peaches and Apricots. The regenerating properties of the fruit and the contribution of vitamins are guaranteed by the timing of the harvest and by the techniques of craftsmanship.


Testimonial Mandarini

What Client Say .

  • “Esperienza stupenda! Ho acquistato Limoni e Arance e non avevo mai assaggiato frutta che avesse un sapore così autentico e naturale come i prodotti Donna Lucrezia. Ho portato a Berlino un pò di Sicilia!!.

    Ursula Meyer
    Value Customer
  • “Riuscire a portare sulla tavola della frutta di stagione così fresca e lavorata artigianalmente non è mai stato così facile. Sia io che ma moglie lavoriamoa . tempo pieno e il tempo per ricercare dei prodotti di qualità manca sempre. Grazie a Donna Lucrezia siamo riusciti a ricevere a Bergamo Agrumi e frutti rossi di stagione lvorati artigianalmente (incredibile!). Continueremo sicuramente a rifornirci da Donna Lucrezia!”.

    Giorgio Iori
    Value Customer