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Our Story

Donna Lucrezia Agricultural Company is the project of Doriana and Lucrezia Russo, two sisters grown up among the strong values of the Sicilian land, values handed down from grandfather to father, up to them.
“Our grandfather is a farmer with more than 50 years of experience in the field – says Lucrezia – this same passion and experience has come to our Father: there was not a day when we were not attracted by his stories, his hands covered of earth, from his tired eyes because the alarm sounded early in the morning “.

A tradition handed down, a tradition never lost, which has managed to teach ancient dexterity and knowledge to modern women, developing the encounter between past and present that is Donna Lucrezia.

Doriana e Lucrezia


From the objective of reconciling the origins, the past, with the future, the idea arises of differentiating the offer, concentrating the efforts on another food sector: the production of artisan jams at 0 Miles.

With the help of their teammates, who have enriched the team’s knowledge thanks to their studies and managerial skills, the new jams project has become a reality.

“The idea of starting to make jam was born almost as a game between us sisters, when we asked ourselves: why not eat local products when we are the first to produce Sicilian food? Now we would like to say to our Milanese, Londoner, Australian or Chinese “neighbor” that jam is not just sugar and fruit; the jam is crafts, culture and tradition, so we have chosen to produce 100% Sicilian, totally worked and produced by hand ».


Donna Lucrezia Agricultural Company wants to be the symbol of the origins, traditions and local values with a natural flavor that should never be lost.

Each of us has a little Sicilian inside, regardless of the nation, country, city or district, because Sicilian is the coexistence of different cultures, mutual respect, love for nature and therefore, as they like to say in the company, “We are Sicilians, of course”.

Meet the Team

Lucrezia Russo
CEO Aziendale, Chief Executive Officer (Direttore Finanziario)
Doriana Russo
CEO Aziendale, Chief Technology Officer (Direttore Tecnico)
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